Health And Safety Representative Course In Australia

We provide high quality training courses to individuals looking for licenses in certain aspects of risk management work.

We provide a course on white card training Adelaide which is divided into three levels:

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 1 program:

In the level 1 program, individuals at the end of their training will be able to efficiently provide representation of workers in the workplace. Moreover, the individuals are in a constant process to ensure that all the hazards that might be occurring in a workplace will be handled with profound care and assurance through effective management. Individuals will also be able to help employees in meeting their obligations regarding formal safety and legal standards.

This course is for 5 days.

Level 2 program:

In the level 2 program, individuals will be able to look into matters with a systematic and logical approach in order to effectively manage and control multiple risks associated with the workplace. Moreover, with this training, individuals will be able to recognize certain responsibilities regarding to all parties in managing certain issues. A health and safety representative will also be able to participate in the development of certain action plans that are associated with effective control and management of risks and hazards associated with the workplace.

This course has a duration of 3 days.

Level 3 program:

After the completion of the level 3 program, a health and safety representative will be able to do certain things. However, completing level 1 and level 2 is necessary in order to have training for level 3. At the end of the course, a health and safety representative will be able to participate in and be a part of the formation and development team of the formal policy and procedural actions. Moreover, a health and safety representative will be representing members in the planning process of the workplace. In addition to this, the representative will have the authority to represent members present in processes relating to auditing.

This course has a duration of 2 days.

With the help of all these courses, an individual have a strong grip on matters pertaining to health and safety management and represent different tasks and members required for carrying out certain jobs and commands.

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