The New DIY Kano Computer Kit

Kano has made a DIY computer kit that helps the kid in learning to properly code. Kano is a London-based company which is offering a wide range of devices with which the children around the age of 5 or 6 can learn some building activities. There is a small kit available, priced at about 150 dollars which can connect to any TV screen. There’s also another computer kit available which is a bit pricier, but comes with its own screen. With the screen, Kano computer kit price is around 200 dollars. These kits are available at almost every toy store.

Reputed online toy stores also keep these kits at reduced prices. Along with other educational toys, online purchasing can be done in bulk when the kid reaches the age of 6.

The computer kit comes with a wireless keyboard and an in-built tracking pad just like a laptop. Kano computer kit has its own Operating system. The kit with OS pre-installed so it’s just plug and play. The computer kit includes a battery and a power board. Raspberry Pi is included which basically acts as a brain. Proper guidelines are available for the children to get started with the system. The instructions will properly tell children how a particular component will be connected to a wire.

Kano includes a bunch of exercises which are designed in a game type scenario to help the kids to develop a certain set of beginner computer skills. Particularly emphasizing on coding lessons, hacking Minecraft and controlling the speed and size, Kano kit is one complete package for basic computer learning.

Since the release of this kit, Kano has emerged as one of best DIY computer coding startups in recent years. Now Kano is hoping to expand its project throughout the world with increased budget from all sides. Harry Potter coding kit comes with the wireless wand which helps the kids to learn coding by following some pre-set challenges. A touchscreen can also be arranged with the kit so that the swipe based actions are also in the game. Many applications require the touch interface with which the user can interact with and design other stuff. The built-in display screen is about 10 inches diagonally long.

With other stuff like Osmo coding and learning with blocks available in the market, the technology is really shaping the kids under the age of 10 to test their mental abilities in the digital world. No doubt, traditional activities like writing will be gone in no time as soon these kits start to take over the market in the coming years. The coming generation will have their minds at higher levels of the coding skills that no older individual can match. Tech companies shouldn’t undermine their stamina.

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